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Schools help shape North East's future

Date 15 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

North East schools are being offered a chance to shape the future of the region. Headteachers will be given the opportunity to express their views on what the priorities are for the region.

The Schools NorthEast organisation will also enable schools to develop their own network to contribute more effectively to regional development. Regional Development Agency One NorthEast has provided funding of £450,000 for the project, and the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) North East has also invested £50,000 for the first year of Schools NorthEast's life.

Lesley Calder, Head of Skills and Europe at One NorthEast, said: "Schools NorthEast will enable the region to develop a dynamic economy, a healthy environment and a distinctive North East culture, completing the virtuous circle that links economic development to the needs of individual children and young people. "Harnessing the power of the schools sector in this way is a unique opportunity, particularly given the fact that no other body such as this exists in the country."

Schools NorthEast will allow schools to engage with issues of importance to the North East workforce and economy. The One NorthEast funding will help support the initial set up costs, with contributions from member schools.

Chris Roberts, Regional Director of the LSC North East, said: "If we are to tackle the skills challenges facing this region head on, schools must have a more strategic role in the region's economic agenda. Today's school children are tomorrow's workforce. "Schools are well placed to influence young people and make them aware about the importance of learning and gaining qualifications, and the contribution they can make to the region's future prosperity. I welcome this initiative because it will give schools a stronger voice to help influence key regional policies. Only by working together can we build a better future for our region."

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