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Regional retailers urged to follow M&S; example

Date 19 Jan 2007

With the unveiling of Marks & Spencer’s £200 million “eco-plan” to make it the greenest retailer in Britain, local resource efficiency specialists Midas are urging retailers in the North East to follow suit to save energy and cut costs. Figures taken from The Carbon Trust show that over 50% of retailers don’t monitor energy use, and to help tackle this potentially-costly and environmentally-damaging problem Midas is raising awareness of the importance of energy efficiency across all business sectors.

Rachel Ward, project manager at Midas says: “Marks & Spencer is making the right move and we hope other retail businesses follow the example. Retail employment makes up 11% of the national workforce, and as such has a responsibility to act on green issues such as energy use and global warming. “On average a 20% cut in energy usually represents a 5% increase in turnover and, as 60% of energy use by retailers is through lighting and heat, these are areas which should be looked at closely. And, for retailers in particular, environmental responsibility will not only save money but can also have positive brand implications. “At Midas, we work by using resource efficiency specialists to evaluate where use and production of energy, waste and water could be made more efficient. The benefits are both financial and environmental and the report we submit is totally free of charge.”

Following the initial assessment, firms which choose to act on the recommended improvements can benefit from up to 60% funding on the work undertaken through Midas. Companies of any size, in any industry or business sector anywhere in the region are eligible for support from Midas. To find out more call 0191 233 9315, e-mail midas or visit

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