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Record-breaking day for online buying

Date 11 Dec 2007

The second Monday of December was the biggest UK online shopping day ever, as one in three Britons now do their business on the web this year to avoid the stampede of the High Street. Sales were worth £370m - almost treble the £126m daily average over the past 12 months.

Around 36% of shoppers say they are buying the majority of their Christmas presents and other goods over the internet. Meanwhile, just 13% have said they will brave the shops for just one day, according to High Street bank Abbey.

The average person will make three shopping trips, spending an average of six hours and 12 minutes looking for gifts. Just under half say they find Christmas stressful, with this particularly true among those aged between 25 and 34.

Roger Lovering, Managing Director of Abbey Credit Cards, said: "Christmas is a time of the year when tiredness, over indulgence, office parties and the pressure to find that perfect gift can all heighten stress levels. Reducing tension is paramount and consequently we're seeing retailers such as supermarkets making it easier to buy everything from puddings to presents under one roof or website."

Mr Lovering would no doubt like us all to use our Abbey credit cards to purchase our Christmas presents online this year.

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