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Pupil has purchasing power

Date 18 Jul 2007

A specialised training provider in the North East is helping an adult learner gain valuable knowledge to boost his career. Graeme Houghton, 26, of Hetton-Le-Hole, has already completed his first year of classroom-based studies at Durham Logistics College in Langley Park with distinction and is now embarking on his second year of learning. Graeme, a buyer for Sunderland-based Innserve Ltd, has successfully finished his first certificate in purchasing and supply, which is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS).

He said: "The Durham Logistics College classroom provides a great dynamic with the differing views and ideas they offer on all of their subjects. It enhances the whole learning experience and I have benefited from receiving a better real world understanding of effective key competencies such as negotiating and measurement, which are vital in driving performance in my current role. "In today's highly-competitive global market it is crucial for people of my age to have an understanding of best practice, which is why I'm now studying for a Level 4 CIPS qualification."

Martin O’Doherty, Commercial Manager at Durham Logistics College, said: "Our staff represent a blend of Industrial Experts combined with educational and tuition expertise. This gives us an edge when face to face with our clients as we are seen as a support service as well as an education and training establishment of the highest order. Our classroom courses in CIPS are extremely beneficial to those working in the purchasing and supply sector as they enable the pupil to gain a greater understanding of the industry that isn’t evident in a day-to-day job."

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