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Northern Way calls for transport improvements

Date 6 Mar 2007
Author The Editor

Good transport links are essential to the economic growth of the North’s economy, according to The Northern Way strategic alliance. The organisation last week published more detail on the evidence behind the wide ranging transport improvements submitted to the Treasury and Department for Transport for consideration as part of the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review.

David Begg, Chairman of the Northern Way Transport Compact, said: "Our aim is very much about influencing the Government's thinking by being clear about priorities and the link between transport and growth of the North's economy. "The reality is that transport improvements are key to efficient labour markets, good access to employment opportunities and delivering the transport connectivity that the North's resurgent economy needs. "What we have been doing through the Northern Way is some cutting edge research and use of new techniques and thinking to understand the links between transport and economic growth."

The Northern Way placed focus on the Trans-Pennine corridor as an important focus not only for Leeds and Manchester, but also for the connections through to the North East. The group also said that they recognised the importance of linking Newcastle directly into the motorway network. Mr Begg also commented on the potential introduction of road pricing systems.

He said: "The Northern Way's position is very clear – any system of road user charging would need to very clearly support northern economic growth, with the revenue raised retained in the North's economy. But let me also make it clear that The Northern Way does not have, and never has had, any plans to introduce road user charging."

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