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Lost holidays help bosses' pockets

Date 15 Nov 2007

Ask anyone if they want to pay money over to their employer and most will say an emphatic "no". But more workers are doing it who just don't realise, because they are not taking all the holidays they are owed.

The average British worker in 2006 lost out on 4.4 days of holiday. With just 10 weeks left until the end of most holiday year, this 'holiday blackhole' is predicted to be even greater in 2007 with the average worker still holding 5.8 days unused holiday.

The lost holiday is worth up to £1,368 for the highest earners, according to the research from The poll of over 1,000 workers across the UK shows that those earning between £48,000 and £55,000 salary bracket are the worst at taking their annual leave entitlement. On average, they are left with 7.6 days untaken at the end of their holiday year.

Expedia's Caroline Cartellieri said: "British people work some of the longest hours in Europe, so it's surprising that so many have holiday remaining. "With this being one of the wettest summers on record, many people planning a domestic break cancelled at the last minute leaving them with unused holiday in November."

And unsurprisingly, Expedia has a few ideas on what to do with the odd days left.

Ms Cartellieri suggested: "With just a few days holiday you can still take enjoy some winter sports, winter sun or even Christmas shopping and at least get some respite from work."

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