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International visitor chooses North East as best place to visit enterprise

Date 23 Nov 2007

The chief executive of a Jordanian based enterprise education provider is visiting the North East this week as part of a professional exchange programme organised by the British Council and has chose a school in Northumberland as the best place to experience an enterprising culture amongst this region's young people.

Deema Bibi, chief executive of INJAZ has travelled to visit some of the programmes from UK counterpart Young Enterprise North East (YENE).

The School put on a traditional English welcome for Deema including a Northumbrian light buffet with stotties and pease pudding and presented her with a Northumbrian Plate. Deema's visit came as the student's were planning for the YENE Company programme, which sees them setting up and running their own business over the course of the academic year.

Chief executive of YENE Catherine Marchant said: "Deema showed a keen interest in experiencing enterprise and entrepreneurship in the North East of England. I thought this would be a great way to explore the different aspects to enterprise education across nations, share experiences and to compare the similarities and differences.

"This year we are focussing on growing our number of Beacon schools, which involves the school taking a ‘whole school' approach to business and enterprise, we also want to establish a network of Beacon businesses that are prepared to adopt a school near their workplace, and support their enterprise curriculum both financially and through providing volunteers and closer links between the management of the two organisations, hopefully through meeting with Deema we will be able to share our challenges and aspirations of a powerful global economy in the future."

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