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Date 17 Jan 2007
Author The Editor

One of the region’s printing firms is opening its print facility headquarters to designers across the North East to demonstrate its new technology to people working in the creative field. Potts, which has recently relocated to Nelson Park in Cramlington, is launching a research and development facility for designers to have a tour and presentation of their facilities.

The tours have been organised to help graphic designers learn the process of the machineries’ capabilities in design, print, press and cut so designers have a greater understanding of the beginning of the production line to the final piece.�

Robin Owers, creative director and managing partner of O Communications, and one of the first designers to visit the Potts factory, said: “It is important for me as a designer to learn the process and get under the skin of what happens once we send our designs to print. It is important in terms of knowing what you can and can’t achieve when you are initiating ideas and designs. It also helped me understand how long the print process takes – how long colours take to dry and colour layering, which is always useful to know to update clients on how long designs will take.”

Shaun Currie, managing director of Potts said: “We have opened our doors to designers so they can learn about the new capabilities that influence the design process. This will increase the information flow between the print and design and it will become clearer to designers the way we operate, this will increase productivity and relationships between print and design.”

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