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?Hot workers should adapt like cool Japanese? ? TUC

Date 17 Sep 2006

Bosses should relax dress codes in the office as temperatures rise, the TUC is urging. Employers are being asked to allow staff to remove ties or wear shorts, in order to keep employees happier and reduce air conditioning costs. Last year, in an attempt to reduce energy use, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi took off his tie and urged his country's workforce to leave their jackets and ties at home so that their employers could turn down the air conditioning or do away with it all together during their hot, humid summer.TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “We'd like British bosses to work cool and take the Japanese Premier's advice and allow their staff to dress down a little for summer. Not only will a cool approach to work avoid staff wilting at their desks, it could also save companies money as they should be able to turn down the air con a notch. Arctic-style air conditioning may stop the workplace from becoming like an oven, but its overuse is not good for the environment. “It's no fun working in a baking office or factory and employers should do all they can to take the temperature down. Clearly vest tops and shorts are not suitable attire for all front line staff, but those not dealing with the public should be able to discard their tights, ties and suits. We're calling on bosses to let their staff loosen their collars and cool down while the heatwave continues.”Although the law states that staff should work in a reasonable temperature, there is currently no legal maximum temperature for workers.

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