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Faint praise for appraisals

Date 4 Dec 2007

One in three workers who receive an appraisal at work think the exercise was a waste of time. That's partly because their boss was not always honest with them, according to a new report.

A survey of almost 3,000 workers found one in four believed their manager regarded the annual review as simply a "tick box" exercise. One in five of those questioned by Investors in People said their boss did not even think about the appraisal until they walked into the room. Almost half said they did not believe their manager was being honest during the session to assess their work.

Simon Jones, acting chief executive at Investors in People said: "It is encouraging that many people now receive an annual review. But it is also a concern that some managers may be letting down their employees by failing to give full and frank feedback.

"Annual reviews can be hugely beneficial to both employer and employee, identifying areas for development as well as ensuring the employee feels motivated. However, many benefits will be lost if managers avoid difficult issues and hold things back."

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