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Environmental Academy puts MPs to the test

Date 7 Dec 2007

An agency in the North East is offering every MP in the country the opportunity to prove their green credentials. The Environmental Academy is urging MPs to show how committed they are by enrolling on a free of charge online environmental qualification.

Designed to enable MPs to fit environmental learning around their late night House of Commons sittings, the Environmental Academy's green training will give MPs a nationally recognised qualification Level 2 (NCFE) Environmental Awareness Award for Business and Industry. The Environmental Academy believes the course will help MPs prove their commitment to the environment as well as learning facts, figures and the effects of such issues as climate change.

Anna-Lisa Kelso, the Academy's Training Director, said: "The Environmental Academy recognises that the environment is now such a major political issue. But we want all our MPs to make their decisions about it from an informed perspective - knowing the facts about the impact of issues such as climate change is critical in order to achieve support from the general public.

"This course has been very popular with a wide range of students from many leading businesses and we hope that all MPs, regardless of their political party, will benefit from a good grounding in these important issues."

Offered free of charge to all MPs as an incentive to prove commitment to this crucial area of politics, the Environmental Academy hopes that the qualification will contribute to the drive towards reduced carbon emissions and a healthier future for our planet.

MPs interested in enrolling on the Environmental Academy environmental online qualification should log on to or call 0191 493 4848.

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