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Employees 'unhappy with workloads'

Date 20 Aug 2007
Author The Editor

Overall job satisfaction among employees is at the same level as last year, although it has gone down in certain key areas, according to new research. Insurer Unum found that 67 per cent of employees surveyed were satisfied with their current job while 43 per cent were pleased with career progression.

However, the percentage of employees happy with their workloads went down from 58 per cent to 56 per cent, while the nature of people's work saw the level of satisfaction drop from 71 per cent to 67 per cent. In terms of working environment, there was a three per cent drop in happiness. Relationships with managers and peers also suffered, down from 65 per cent to 61 per cent. One of the highest drops in satisfaction came in the category of job autonomy, with 2006's figure of 52 per cent dropping to 47 per cent.

Joanne Hindle, director of corporate services at Unum, said: "Job satisfaction levels are not increasing and in many areas are actually decreasing. As there is much evidence to suggest happy workers are more productive, employers really need to take action to increase employee satisfaction where possible.

"However, raising salary levels alone will not guarantee a more fulfilled and productive workforce. Benefits, work-life balance, an employee's sense of autonomy and company culture also have a vital role to play, and need to be taken seriously by organisations that want to stay competitive."

The lack of improvement in job satisfaction contrasts with salary satisfaction, which has increased from 53 per cent to 54.4 per cent.


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