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Deloitte against plans to scrap degree classifications

Date 24 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

The proposal to possibly phase out degree classifications would make assessing graduate candidates more difficult, according to Deloitte.

The recommendations were announced in a report last week by the Burgess Group. The report suggests introducing a single document, a 'Higher Education Achievement Report' (HEAR), which would be the key vehicle for measuring and recording student achievement.

John Charlton, Graduate Recruitment Partner at Deloitte in Newcastle, said: "The current grade classification system does make it easier to differentiate between prospective employees. At Deloitte we receive in excess of 15,000 applications for 1,400 graduate and undergraduate positions which are assessed across a range of criteria. One of these criteria is for students to achieve a 2:1 degree. This provides students with clear and transparent information about our selection process."

Deloitte said they recognised that the new report would be useful in assessing 'marginal' candidates, particularly those who narrowly miss out on the firm's degree criteria.

The company also suggested that HEAR results should be made available before graduation. Many companies like Deloitte make job offers in advance, with the condition that the applicant achieves a specific level of qualification.


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