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Construction industry warns of Olympic challenge for NE

Date 12 Apr 2007

The region’s most experienced and valued construction workers could leave the area to seek prized work in London in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games, a consulting contractor has warned. Ranson Og, director of structural repair contracters St. Astier, fears this could lead to a shortage of skilled workers left behind in the North East, unless attitudes to training and investment in the construction industry evolve in the meantime.

Ranson Og said: "The games present a golden opportunity for British construction workers to show the world our abilities. However, unless we look after the next generation, this region may suffer during that period as many of our most skilled workers head south. "I believe the pre-emptive solution to this situation is to invest in training and development, so that today’s apprentices are skilled, experienced, fulfilled and more than capable of looking after construction in the North East in the coming years."

As part of Ranson’s plans to make St. Astier a sustainable and socially responsible business, workers receive technical skills training as well as courses aimed at personal development and enhancing such employee skills as leadership, confidence, communication and problem solving. The latest training exercise at St. Astier involved the construction of a 4 metre-high wall in the training area of the company’s Seaham offices where operatives gain practical experience whilst simultaneously improving their technical abilities.

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