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Call for week's trial of new working practices

Date 8 May 2007
Author The Editor

Organisations and employees across the North East are being invited to take part in the national Work Wise Week (May 16 to 22) to help create a ‘smarter’ working Britain. Staff and employers alike are being asked to consider a week-long trial of working practices such as home, flexible, mobile and remote working to help them understand the possible benefits of this different approach to working.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK said: “The age of working 9 to 5, five days a week, from a central location, is for many, fast coming to an end. This rigid work structure, which is largely dictated by culture and nothing else, is wasteful in terms of time and resources, damaging to the environment, and harmful in that it impacts upon stress levels and the health of employees.”

Simon Roberson, regional chair of Work Wise North East said: “We urge all organisations across the North East to take up the Work Wise mantle – smarter working will revolutionise the way people work and increase business productivity and competitiveness. It will also reduce transport congestion and pollution, improve health, and assist disadvantaged groups.”

Employers in the North East are being urged to allow staff to work from home on Friday May 18, National Work from Home Day. The Work Wise campaign believe that even a small reduction in the number of people travelling on the roads or by public transport on that day will have a significant effect on congestion and overcrowding.

Further information about Work Wise UK, and how organisations can participate in Work Wise Week, can be found on the website,

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