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Call for millions to work from home for a day

Date 14 May 2007

A national campaign to promote flexible working is inviting organisations and employees across the UK are to take part in a day to demonstrate the benefits of home working. National Work from Home Day will take place this Friday 18 May.

Simon Roberson, regional manager for BT and chairman of Work Wise North East said: “While flexible working has been shown to offer many advantages to both employees and employers, many organisations from the public and private sector have been slow to implement it. “Smarter working practices revolutionalise the way people work and lead to increased business productivity and competitiveness. Home working can help employees juggle their home and work commitments, achieving a good work-life balance. “We urge all organisations across the North East to take up the Work Wise mantle and try out home working on National Work from Home Day.” 

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK, said: “Technology is enabling people to work virtually anywhere. National Work from Home Day is not an excuse for an extra day off, it is a serious attempt for people and organisations to try out home working. “For many, there is absolutely no reason to waste hours commuting into central locations every day of the week. Why not work from home occasionally?”

Work Wise UK have stated that many businesses say the introduction of smarter working practices has resulted in better productivity and improvements in employee relations and staff retention. BT has reported a 20 per cent increase in productivity following the introduction of smarter working. Further information about Work Wise UK, and how organisations can participate in Work Wise Week, can be found on the website,

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