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Businesses warned to wise up to new waste rules

Date 26 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

Businesses across the Tees Valley could find themselves paying significantly more to dispose of their waste unless they take steps to treat it on their premises.

This is the message from Chris Hayward, technical manager for recycling and waste management with Renew Tees Valley. Renew is involved in a breakfast workshop on Monday aimed at explaining the steps companies can take to meet the requirements of the EC Landfill Directive for non-hazardous and inert commercial and industrial waste which comes into force the following day.

From October 30th these categories of waste must undergo pre-treatment before being deposited to landfill. The ‘acceptable' treatment operation must pass a three-point test:

  • It must apply a physical, thermal, chemical or biological process - including sorting of the waste
  • It must change the characteristics of the waste
  • It must either reduce its volume or its hazardous nature or facilitate its handling or recovery

Chris Hayward said: "Businesses of all types and sizes are affected by this measure. Those that don't take steps to treat their waste at source will place the onus on the waste management company that collects it and can expect to be charged more."

Renew Tees Valley is collaborating with the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) and Envirowise in organising Monday's breakfast workshop which is taking place at the South Tees Business Centre, Puddlers Road, Middlesbrough, starting at 8.30am. Attendance is free.

Local businesses wanting advice on the measures they should take to meet their obligations under the Directive should email chayward for more information.

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