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British workers still at it on Bank Holidays

Date 28 Aug 2007
Author The Editor

Ninety-five percent of Scots work on bank holidays compared to 45% of people in the north west of England, according to figures from last week. Statistics from first direct bank, which is open 365 days a year, also showed that 72% of Londoners do some work on bank holidays.

According to the figures, 24 million people across the UK will have been working yesterday. That means more adults in Britain will have been working than taking the holiday. 7.6 million people will work in public services, pubs, shops and call centres. Another 17 million will not be able to stop themselves from reading emails, writing proposals, making phonecalls and meeting clients, customers and colleagues.

Jane Hanson, head of human resources at first direct, said: "It is clear that for the country's working population, having the bank holiday off is not a given. People are now either in a job where they officially work on a bank holiday, feel the need to take the odd bit of work home or keep half an eye on the inbox."

Meanwhile, union leaders and voluntary groups have stepped up their campaign for a new national bank holiday to celebrate and promote community activity in the UK. The Trade Union Congress said a new bank holiday should be held in October in a bid to encourage more people to do voluntary work.


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