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Date 18 Sep 2006
Author The Editor

The news service has now been launched, and forms the first major development as the service expands over the coming months to bring readers the latest vital business news from around the North East and the UK. will be the region’s first business news portal where you can access online bdaily news as well as read the national and regional business news in more depth.

Stories are categorised into different hubs, each one focusing on a specific topic offering readers a more personalised service. Readers can choose to read new stories or browse archives of past stories relating to business, technology, science, arts and culture, entrepreneurship, and law. The addition of content specific hubs will also allow more experts in each category to provide news alongside the bdaily team.

After two years of development, the bdaily has demerged from its parent company The bgroup and now stands as a separate limited company. The coming months will see the bdaily grow even more as bdaily Xtra, an electronic magazine expanding the bite-sized approach to bdaily news, and, an internet broadband TV service, establish themselves as the most informative and exciting way to keep up with business developments.

Please go to and have a browse. Send your comments back to editor. If you want to see the latest in bdaily news, join us at The Sage on Wednesday where the bdaily is a key media sponsor. Visit to register.

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