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A1 improvements a long way off

Date 26 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

The possibility of improvements to the A1 in the North East of England between now and 2015 has been scrapped. Speaking in the Commons on Wednesday, Tyne Bridge Labour MP David Clelland urged Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly to fund improvements to the route. Councils and business leaders want the A1 dualled, claiming it will boost prosperity and reduce road deaths.

But Ms Kelly said attention was being centred on "incredibly important" improvements to the existing M1 and M6.

Mr Clelland called on the Transport Secretary to override the Chancellor Alistair Darling and back the A1 improvements.

Mr Clelland said: "The Chancellor referred to a number of major road improvements throughout the country. He mentioned the M1, M6, anywhere but the A1 north of Yorkshire. Therefore we feel that these targets, which look very good on paper, do not seem to apply as far as the North East is concerned, because we have been told we cannot expect any major improvements before 2015."

Ms Kelly said: "We have to prioritise rigorously. If the case is made for the A1, then in due course that will come into the rota programme. But before that case is properly examined and determined in the light of the overall priorities, I'm afraid I cannot make any commitment."

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