Tell us what you want…

... and we’ll try to make it happen.

We always want feedback from our readers, hence our recent feedback call (which I’ll get to in another blog post - soon, I promise. Hold your horses).

The way the bdaily has developed over the years has led to a justifiable feeling of ownership among much of the bdaily community. Many people have been reading the daily bulletin (or newsletter, or just ‘bdaily’, as it’s often called) for years, and this core readership is something we are very careful not to take for granted.


  1. Cogitating in a techy manner

    This week sees the return to the North East of one of the world’s most interesting and intriguing conferences - Thinking Digital.


  2. Turn and face the change

    Regular bdaly readers will, with any luck, have noticed that the website is looking a little different as of last week (Friday 1 May, to be precise. Yes, we launched on a Friday. It’s almost become a tradition now).


  3. ‘Green shoots’ gaffe nothing of the sort

    On Wednesday, a minister from Lord Mandelson’s business department made what she thought was an innocuous enough comment while being interviewed on the ITV lunchtime news programme. Amidst news of thousands of job losses, and while the rest of the colleagues were trying to sell the government’s Real Help for Businesses Now plan, Lady Vadera caused outrage by saying that she could see “the beginnings of a turnaround in Britain’s fortunes.”


  4. Nissan job losses shouldn’t overshadow other problems

    Last week ended with the news that Nissan’s flagship plant in Sunderland would be shedding 1200 jobs, nearly a quarter of its workforce, to help see the company through the UK’s economic downturn. In the days that followed many local organisations joined One North East to offer their support for the soon-to-be-unemployed workers at the plant.


  5. The North will rise again - so don’t give it any money

    This week we heard that the Local Government Association believes the economic downturn will hit the southern regions of England hardest, most notably in London and the South East. This is perhaps no great surprise, as London is, for better or worse, the financial centre of the country.


  6. A little about the Editor

    As some of you out there may not know who I am at all, I thought I’d give you a quick introduction. I know at least one reader thought I was female, so it might be worth clearing that up as well: I’m not.


  7. The all new

    This is a bdaily-centric blog by me, Robert Perry (Pez), used as a way of keeping readers informed of the services and features of the North East’s business news network, as well as any upcoming changes. I’ll try to keep it updated as often as possible, but let me know if you want more! If you want to comment on any aspect of bdaily, you can email me. We welcome all suggestions, criticisms, helpful hints and gushing praise.


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    Tell us what you want…

    ... and we’ll try to make it happen.We always want feedback from our readers, hence our recent feedback call (which I’ll get to in another blog post - soon, I…
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