> RIP Bert the bfish... Died 29th July 2003

It was with great sadness that we were forced to report upon the death of the bfish Bert in the bdaily on Wednesday 30th July who sadly passed away the previous morning.

A white, purple and orange Shubunkin, Bert became the latest member of the bmarketing family along with Bradley and Bob, who found their home in the specially commissioned office fish tank-crafted from the empty shell of an old Apple Mac.

The discovery of the deceased fish was made by Creative Designer Rich Endean upon his arrival at the office who said:

"I switched on the fish tank light as normal, and said hello to the fishes, but poor Bert was floating on the top of the water. I presumed he'd probably kicked the bucket at that point. Bradley and Bob were looking a bit traumatised by the whole experience but quickly perked up when Grant gave them some fish flakes."

The fishes have been a resident part of the bmarketing office for less than three weeks, the sudden death of one of them coming as a major shock to the bteam. A farewell service took place late on Tuesday afternoon.

An internal investigation is going-on to determine whether overfeeding is to blame, however a water changing exercise undertaken on Monday by Rich and bdaily editor Rowan is thought not to be the cause of the fish's death.


• Where the fish was discovered...