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New contract to make crossing twice as easy

New Tyne Crossing contract signed. (L to R) Bouygues Travaux Publics Commercial Director, François
Date 3 Dec 2007

Representatives from all the involved organisations meet to sign the agreement

Getting from one side of the Tyne to the other is set to get much easier with the signing of the contract for the New Tyne Crossing yesterday. The signing means that the Bouygues-led Consortium has been appointed Concessionaire to part-finance, design and build the second vehicle tunnel under the River Tyne between East Howdon and Jarrow. The Concessionaire, working under the name TT2, will also operate and maintain all the tunnels under the river for the next 30 years.

Part of the New Tyne Crossing project involves refurbishing the existing vehicle tunnel and upgrading its safety features.

Work on the second vehicle tunnel is expected to start in spring 2008. The new tunnel will open in 2010, at which point the existing tunnel will be closed for refurbishment and safety works. Both tunnels are expected to be fully operational late 2011.

Councillor Dave Wood, Chairman of the Tyne and Wear Public Transport Authority, said: "This is an historic moment for Tyne and Wear. The second Tyne Tunnel is desperately needed. It will reduce congestion, stimulate investment and improve the job opportunities for thousands of people on both banks of the river by eliminating the traditional congestion associated with crossing the Tyne.

Trevor Jackson, Managing Director of TT2, said: "I feel very proud to be overseeing such a fascinating scheme. "What really excites me is that we're making history in two ways - constructing a state-of-the-art tunnel under the River Tyne and consigning the delays at the tunnel to the history books.

The news was welcomed by business leaders and local government representatives on both side of the Tyne.

Ross Smith, North East Chamber of Commerce head of policy, said: "This is a much-needed and long awaited project that will bring significant benefits to businesses and future investment on both sides of the Tyne. "Today's signing of the contract represents an important milestone that will be very much welcomed by the business community."

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  3. tunnel

    Ray Clarke 8:42 30 Nov 2007

    A Jarrow junior school on the proposed site of the new Tyne tunnel was closed 4 years ago to make way for the build of the tunnel. With the build now starting in 2008, what has caused the delay?

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

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