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Platform One

Date 28 Sep 2006
Platform One

Product overview

Tradebox is an essential tool for online traders who utilise eBay as a sales channel. It automatically captures completed eBay sales and compiles your accounts in Sage, saving you time and money, and letting you concentrate on running your business rather than processing sales. Tradebox download approximately 100 sales a minute from eBay and create individual customer records, invoices and payments in Sage for each sale.

With over 200 million registered users worldwide, there would have to be a pretty good reason NOT to use eBay as a sales channel. Viewing this figure as the number of potential customers, it’s easy to see why eBay is fast becoming the marketplace of choice for small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

By eliminating the administration burden created by the mass sales achievable on eBay, Tradebox enables the online trader to concentrate on developing their business and achieve higher levels of growth. The seamless integration with eBay ensures that the errors synonymous with manual data entry are removed and the eBay sales information entered with Line 50 is 100% accurate.

Key features & business benefits

  • Capture completed sales on eBay
  • Automate Invoice/Order creation in Sage
  • Create customer accounts
  • Handle stock control (if required)
  • Remove administration burdens
  • Reduce business overheads
  • Enable sales growth
  • Handle multiple eBay accounts
  • Handle combined purchases as a single invoice
  • Handle transactions from non UK eBay sites
  • Automatically calculate VAT liability
  • Handle payments for auctions
  • Download and Process eBay Auction Fees
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office (Outlook & Excel)

14 day free trial

A 14 day free trial of Tradebox is available, with full telephone and email support, from