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A little about the Editor 16 Aug 2007

As some of you out there may not know who I am at all, I thought I’d give you a quick introduction. I know at least one reader thought I was female, so it might be worth clearing that up as well: I’m not.

I’m originally from Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, which sports a famous cave among its tourist attractions. I once worked there as a tour guide. I have a degree in Communications and a Masters in English from Newcastle University (or the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, as it was known back in the day). I inherited the mantle of bdaily Editor from Caz Ulley of The bgroup in November 2006, which has been a hard act to follow. Hopefully I’ve done quite well…

If there’s anything you want added to, anything you want changed, anything you think could be improved, just get in touch. Feel free to leave your thoughts about my little blog here as well — I don’t claim to be an expert on many things (I have other people to do that for me), so informed commentary from readers will be hugely appreciated.

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