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Sir John Hall backs the Save Metroland Campaign

Date 5 Apr 2007

The campaign to keep one of the region’s favourite family attractions open has been given a great boost by receiving support from none other than self made entrepreneur Sir John Hall. In October last year, it was announced that Capital Shopping Centres (CSC) were considering replacing The New Metroland theme park with a cinema under plans to modernise the Yellow Mall.

Sir John said: "When I built the MetroCentre I took my inspiration from abroad where shopping was a family event. It was never the intention to have the MetroCentre just retail shops as it has to be accessible and have an interest for all ages. "The intention for Metroland being part of the MetroCentre was that the centre itself would serve the community and that doesn’t mean row after row of shops, it means overall leisure.

"There has to be a balance, and for that reason I support Craig Strong’s campaign for Metroland to remain as part of the community – as part of the MetroCentre."

Craig Strong, Save Metroland’s Campaign Manager, said: "Although no final decision has yet been met regarding the possible closure of Metroland, we are delighted that Sir John Hall has made his feelings public about the potential closure. I hope that CSC take his comments on board, after all Sir John has voiced the opinions of what many people think about the possibility of Metroland closing."

For more information on the progress of the campaign, visit the website –  

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