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New bridge to be jewel in Durham's Necklace Park

Necklace Park Manager Claire Lancaster at the site of the new Kingfisher Bridge
Date 3 Dec 2007

Necklace Park Manager Claire Lancaster at the site of the new Kingfisher Bridge

Durham City's newest bridge is nearly finished and will be a Christmas present for thousands of people. ‘Kingfisher Bridge' is being installed where Old Durham Beck meets the River Wear, near Old Durham Gardens, at a crossing point that has been absent for 20 years.

The bridge will improve access to the City's celebrated riverside for walkers while also enabling wheelchair users to navigate a circular route from the City Centre. The project will also improve the footpaths around the bridge.

The £118,000 Durham County Council Bridges Unit and Rights of Way Improvement Plan project has become a reality thanks to the City's Necklace Park team and the Durham branch of The Ramblers Association.

It has been dubbed Kingfisher Bridge due to the birds often being spotted during planning visits.

As well as recreational walkers, the route is also valuable for Durham University students getting to and from the sports centre at Maiden Castle. Durham University is keen to use the route for community fun runs. It will also open up access to Houghall College and its grounds as well as Shincliffe Village.

Claire Lancaster, Durham City Necklace Park Manager, said: "Installing this bridge is going to make a huge difference for so many people. It's been great working with The Ramblers to get this project moving and we're thrilled that after so long, this beautiful part of Durham will be accessible to all."

Joe Coulthard from Durham County Council Bridges Unit, who has been managing the installation of the bridge, said: "To be able to deliver something that so many people have been crying out for, and for so long has really pleased me and my team. It's a beautiful spot to work at and I'm sure that the bridge will be appreciated for decades to come."

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