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Micro-studio for budding NE filmmakers

Hayley Manning and Christine Alderson on set at the first Moxie Makers film, ‘Mad, Sad & Bad’
Date 3 Dec 2007

Hayley Manning and Christine Alderson on set at the first Moxie Makers film, ‘Mad, Sad & Bad’

A US-style micro-studio has been launched by a Newcastle-based production company. Film producers Ipso Facto Films are launching Moxie Makers, based in Pink Lane in Newcastle, at the Northern Lights Film Festival.

Christine Alderson, Ipso Facto producer and founder, said: "For too many years talented filmmakers with engaging stories and fresh, distinctive voices have had to fight with public and private financiers for their first feature film to be made - Moxie Makers will change this. "Moxie Makers has been created to stimulate film production in North East England. We hope that the North East will benefit hugely from the development of local filmmakers and its enhanced profile as a ground-breaking and fresh filmmaking region both on a national and international scale."

The new studio has the backing the film-making industry, including companies such as MovieHouse Entertainment, Soda Pictures and post-production company, Molinare.

Moxie Makers, with the assistance of its partners, will finance, produce and distribute up to four micro budget feature films per year. Working with micro-budgets will allow the company to create a platform for up and coming filmmakers to make their mark on the UK film industry and launch their careers, while learning and developing alongside more experienced professionals.

Hayley Manning, Head of Production, said: "Moxie Makers is looking for fresh, engaging and original films with commercial appeal that can be realised on budgets from £150,000 up to £500,000, instead of around £1 million that is currently required to finance a low budget film. Moxie films will be cutting-edge and unique, hopefully giving opportunities to filmmakers whose films wouldn't otherwise be made in the region."

The Northern Lights Film Festival begins on Friday 7 December at the Tyneside Cinema. The festival exists to promote and exhibit independent UK, Baltic and Northern European moving image productions.

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