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Health not wealth for NE dreamers

Date 16 Mar 2007
Author The Editor

The National Lottery this week published a report into the dreams and aspirations of the nation, revealing that people in the North East value their health, family and relationships above everything else. The National Lottery Dream Study, conducted by London School of Economics, combines a survey of 1,500 people with over 250 face-to-face interviews in 12 major cities across the UK.

The survey discovered that people in the North East are the most likely to give away money if they won the lottery, with 37.9% of respondents in the area saying that they would give money to friends and family if they hit the jackpot.  This compares to just 23% of Londoners, where people were more likely to use the money to pay off their own debts.

When researchers collated the dreams of the nation into ‘types’, the North East scored lower than many other areas of the country in dreaming of Wealth and Luxury, Career, and Personal Achievement. Residents placed very low value on having a new Lifestyle, with not one of the respondents hoping to give up work or move abroad.

Don Slater, Reader of Sociology at London School of Economics, who led the research, said: “Despite what popular culture may suggest we are not a nation focused on personal gain and our findings firmly underlined that point. Caring and charitable Britain is alive and well. Dreams are above all not greedy or even individualistic – overwhelmingly they concern family, relationships, freedom from stress, the possibility of a meaningful life and a concern for health and happiness, especially for those in the North East.”

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