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Have your say in the arts debate...

Date 13 Feb 2007
Author The Editor

Arts Council England's first-ever public inquiry, the arts debate, has launched its second phase with an open public consultation. They want to know what the public value about the arts.

Mark Robinson, Executive Director, Arts Council England, North East says, “Nowhere in England is the transforming power of the arts more obvious than here in the North East. The arts debate is a unique opportunity for us all to debate the principles that should guide public funding of the arts. It's very exciting – opening up the debate in this way may create some entirely new possibilities for the arts in England. We've already learnt a huge amount – now we want you to have your say.”

The arts debate started last year with a series of 20 discussion groups with people from across the country, including those who currently take part in the arts and those who do not. This research hopes to provide an insight into how people perceive and experience the arts today, and what their priorities for public funding of the arts are.

The public consultation will run for three months until 11 May. To take part, visit or email artsdebate. Findings from the research along with the views from the public consultation will be analysed and published later in the year along with the Arts Council's plans for the future.

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