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Workman paints yellow line under car

Date 3 Oct 2006
Author The Editor

A man was stunned to get a ticket for parking on a yellow line which wasn't there when he left his car, The Sun reports. When Nasser Khan parked his car there was a gap in the lines. On his return a council workman had painted a yellow line under his car and a traffic warden had given him a ticket.

The incident in Salford, Manchester, was captured on camera by a nearby office worker. Mr Khan, 28, a marketing consultant, said: "I thought I was lucky to get the space but I didn't think I would get a ticket because it was a legitimate parking area.

"I couldn't believe they painted the line underneath my vehicle. "Luckily I had a note on my windscreen from the guys in the nearby office which explained what had happened, otherwise I would have driven off unaware."

Office workers who observed the incident told Mr Khan that two traffic wardens waited whilst a workman painted the yellow line before issuing the ticket. Mr Khan said the parking ticket had since been quashed by Salford City Council. He has had to pay £550 to replace his tyres, as they were melted in the incident.

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