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Watch Out! There’s a Traffic Warden About

Date 17 Sep 2006
Author The Editor

Irate motorists fed up with parking fines have set up a warning system to let people know when they’re about to get a ticket. The Warden Watch initiative involves having a sticker on your car, with a number which passers-by can text if they see a traffic warden approaching. The Warden Watch scheme then sends an alert to the motorist to let them know that they are in danger of racking up a fine. Unfortunately, it does of course rely on the goodwill of like-minded strangers, who might just see the Warden and decide not to text, as a lesson to you to park legally. Sign up for the £10 membership at the website, which also has information on how to park legally and useful information on what to do if you think you want to contest a ticket.

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