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Stay straight for better directions

Date 25 May 2007

Once again, a university has shown us that there is nothing so trivial that a team of postgraduates can not be enlisted to research it...

Straight men are best at map reading and heterosexual women worst, according to a new study from the University of Warwick (to the victory cries of men across the country, no doubt). The Daily Telegraph has reported on a study which reveals that sexual orientation, as well as gender, affects navigation skills. They claim straight men perform better at map reading than gay men, who in turn perform better than lesbians, who in turn do better than straight women.

Men outperformed women on tests such as mentally rotating objects and matching angles, while women outperformed men in verbal dexterity tests, and remembering the locations of objects. So while men may be better at map reading, women are better at finding the car keys.

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