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Risky alternative to laser eye surgery...

Date 26 Feb 2007
Author The Editor

A local man has discovered an ingenious way to avoid costly laser surgery to improve his eyesight. Pub boss Frazer Simpson accidentally performed the procedure himself whilst cleaning the pump lines at the Joiner’s Arms in Morpeth, reports the Sunday Sun. He was in incredible pain after his pupils were splashed with a powerful alkaline chemical, and doctors feared that his retinas would be irreparably damaged. In fact, he can now see better than ever before.

Frazer said: "The optician could hardly believe it when I read all the lines on the test chart. "Previously, I couldn't make out the smaller letters. Now I have been declared fit to drive without specs. It is marvellous. "The stinging fluid felt as if my eye sockets were on fire but I washed them out with water immediately. "However, it must have somehow cleared whatever was wrong with my sight. It was cheaper than laser surgery but considerably more painful. I don't recommend the treatment to anyone else."

We agree. Although it worked for Mr Simpson, The bdaily does not advocate spraying your eyes with dangerous chemicals, for any reason.

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