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Police seek seven-foot toilet on wheels

Date 10 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

Police in Seattle are searching for a giant toilet on wheels after the van it was being carried in was stolen. The 7ft high loo was a novelty racing car that was built by friends to take part in the annual Red Bull Soapbox Race.

It is thought thieves unwittingly pinched the toilet when they made off with the van hired by the racers to take their contraption to the event, Sky News reports. Neither the van nor the toilet-shaped racer have been found since they were stolen at the end of September.

"We're laughing about it," said soapbox driver Tom Valentine, who said he wished he could have seen the thieves' faces when they opened the back of the van. "My guess is they said: 'Oh, c**p, it's a giant toilet'."

The soapbox car did not win any races, but was second in the people's choice competition.

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