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Man rung up on charges

Date 14 Feb 2007
Author The Editor

It's 'remarkably stupid criminal of the week' time again, this time brought to us by the Boston Herald. Police in Massachusetts have reported that they caught an assault and battery suspect just by calling him on his mobile phone. Just hours after being released on domestic violence charges and then allegedly attacking his girlfriend and threating her houseguests, Eric Nolan called the victim and sent her several text messages before returning to her home to try to force his way inside, police said.

When officers arrived at the house for a second time they called Nolan and heard the ringing from the nearby woods. Nolan silenced the call by sending it to voice mail rather than shutting off the phone. Officers called the phone several times and, hearing the ring, found Nolan with ease. There's a lesson here in learning to use the 'vibrate' function on your phone.

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