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Goat eats 10,000 Euros

Date 22 Aug 2007

A German farmer lost 10,000 Euros when it was eaten by his goat. But don't worry! He got it back again. Martin Radlberger left the 100 Euro notes that he planned to use to buy a tractor on the kitchen table when he went to answer the phone. But when he returned he saw his nanny goat Steffi just finishing off the last crisp new note.

He said: "I know I shouldn't have left the cash on the table, but I was only gone for five minutes to answer a phone call. When I returned I saw how my goat had the last note in her mouth."

Radlberger immediately called a vet who performed an emergency operation on the animal.

Herr Radlberger said: "Now I have almost all my money back, and Steffi has had a hard lesson," adding that the vet had kept three of the soggy 100 Euro notes to pay for the surgery.

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  3. At least...

    Chris S 16:38 17 Aug 2007

    ...It wasn't an alligator :|

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