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Follow-up: Stolen giant toilet found!

Date 23 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

We're a little late on this, but we thought bdaily readers would like to know – the giant toilet stolen two weeks ago in Seattle has been found! The giant toilet bowl, pinched on its way to a novelty race meeting, has been recovered by police.

The 7ft-high loo-on-wheels was built by five friends to be entered in the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Seattle. It was nabbed when thieves stole the lorry that was carrying it. A Kings County Washington deputy police officer later found the bowl hidden under a tarpaulin on the side of the road when she was out on routine patrol.

"Holy crap, it's a giant toilet!" she was alleged to have said.

The king commode – white with a blue seat and tank cover and a red flush handle – was found in a rural area of southeast King County.

Sergeant John Urquhart said the stolen truck had still not been recovered.


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