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Finding a new local pub gets easier

Date 12 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

Finally! Someone has, at long last, come up with a use for the internet. Swiss computer experts have set up an online service that finds a pub just like your local anywhere in the world.

Philipp Kraeutli, Matthias Alder, Simon Morger and Marc Gasser, all in their early 20s, say it's ideal for anyone arriving in a new city. You just type in details of your local on their website and the internet program will find a matching pub. They say their site uses a database of 100,000 bars, pubs and clubs worldwide and is maintained by a huge staff in different countries.

"When you are in a new city, you have no idea where to go out," said Gasser. "Our software identifies a user's taste and presents suggestions based on that taste."

The site is currently in German, but babelfish can probably help out there...

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