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Drunk steals goat

Date 17 Sep 2006
Author The Editor

A man has received a driving ban and community service sentence following a drunken night, in which he drank 10 pints of cider, ended with him kidnapping a goat and stealing a car. The Sun reports that 20-year-old Carl Myles, of Swansea, spotted the goat 'Snowy' in a field and bundled the goat into the back of a Volvo he had broken into. Farmer Huw Leyshon - who owned the stolen car and goat - heard the commotion and tried to block the road with a 4X4, which brought the ordeal to an end as Carl reversed into a tractor. Prosecutor in the case Hayley Fackrell said: “The farmer pulled Myles out of the car – then looked into the back and was surprised to see a large white goat.” Sadly, Snowy died two days after the incident.

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