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Crashed car receives parking ticket

Date 17 Sep 2006

Car owners complaining after their cars are issued with parking tickets is nothing new – but one parking warden has been criticised for issuing tickets to a crashed car, has reported.Just hours after the accident, the unmovable vehicle was issued with a £100 fine, and when it was still parked at the roadside the next day, another fine was given. James Pennant, a passer by said: "I was flabbergasted. The VW was clearly undriveable and the car it hit was on the other side of the road. "It was obviously the scene of an accident. Someone could have been killed or badly injured - but that didn't stop him writing out a ticket. I told the warden what he was doing was atrocious but he just told me to go away." A spokesman for APCO A, a parking firm has since apologized and cancelled the tickets. No one was believed to have been hurt in the accident.

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