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Blank tenners sell for hundreds

Date 22 Oct 2007
Author The Editor

Ten pound notes are selling on eBay for £260. The tenners are blank on one side, reports the Mirror. The Bank of England accidentally circulated about 40 of the one-sided notes, which it says still count as legal tender.

Chris Phillips of South Shields got one of the notes when he went to a cash-point. He said: "They're selling for crazy money."

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  2. Is this for real?

    Anne-Maria Brown 9:06 22 Oct 2007

    I had a look on ebay and couln't find anything - is this an April Fool??

  3. We found one...

    The Editor 10:00 22 Oct 2007Pez

    There's no image with it, but the seller's put a "buy it now" price of £500. Rather hopeful, I reckon...

    Find it here

  4. I found it

    Anne-Maria Brown 13:14 22 Oct 2007

    I found it but with no picture and I agree it's worth £500 and neither can anyone else.

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