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Bargain shoes not so cheap

Date 22 Jun 2007
Author The Editor

A Romanian woman has been fined for reporting her car stolen then realising she'd left it in a supermarket car park. Madalina Nesan, 29, told officers she was "so excited" to try her new bargain shoes that she completely forgot about the car.

She had called the police when she couldn't find her car in its usual place near her flat in Constanta, and police investigations were just getting underway when she called back the next day to explain the confusion. She told officers she had driven to the nearby supermarket in her new Peugeot 206 but when she finished shopping she left on foot. She had been anxious to try out some new bargain shoes she had bought because they were heavily discounted.

Ms Nesan now has to add to a £70 fine for wasting police time to the cost of her shopping spree.

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