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Are you the next Paula Radcliffe?

Date 17 Sep 2006
Author The Editor

Watching the London Marathon yesterday may have inspired you to sign up for next year’s race or the shorter Great North Run in October. However, before you set out to break Deena Kastor’s or Felix Limo’s 26.2 mile record, it may be worth noting that we are not all born to run marathons. Studies have shown that runners with thin legs and slow twitch fibres which allow you to run longer are genetically more capable of running for longer. Locality can also affect your endurance training, as high altitude runners have more red blood cells, enabling them to have more oxygen in their blood and breathe more easily. But even if your genes do go against you, there are a number of ways you can improve your chances. This includes increasing your mental strength and eating more carbs and energy boosting drinks.

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