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A lot to swallow

Date 17 Sep 2006
Author The Editor

A drunk man had to be rushed to hospital after copying a magician’s sword-swallowing trick. reports that Ratko Dankovic, 23 of Serbia, swallowed a knife with an eight inch blade, eight nails, two spoons and a couple of clothes pegs to win a drunken bet with friends about how easy it was to do the trick. Doctors were able to remove all the items in a five-hour operation, and said the man was lucky to not significantly injure his stomach or intestines. Dankovic said: "I don't remember a thing until I woke up here in hospital with a sore throat and 30 stitches on a cut on my abdomen. My girlfriend has told me she hopes they got everything out, we are planning to fly on holiday next month and she doesn't want me getting stopped by the airport metal detector."

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