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bdaily is a great testiment to the power of the new technology, it informs, inspires and unites the North East business community

Herb Kim, Chief Executive, Codeworks

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bdaily uses the latest techniques and technologies to deliver the best in communications for individuals, companies and the wider business community. Our content is focused on business, covering the latest news stories, events and jobs, as well as offering a constant stream of information, advice and guidance. Being part of this offers you a unique platform from which to promote your organisation, its products and services.

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Whatever your goal, and whatever size campaign you’d like to run, bdaily has structured a package to fit your needs. Advertising on our network puts you in front of a dedicated audience of North East business people. Our readers are informed, educated, and keen to keep up to date with the comings and goings of the North East business community. Advertisers will receive a monthly information pack with statistics on the performance of, readership figures for the bdaily bulletin, and analysis of the most popular areas of the bdaily network. This ensures you get the most exposure for your event, job, company or campaign – and value for money.

  1. Readership by location

    Readership by location

    • Tyne and Wear 6%
    • County Durham 14%
    • Tees Valley 9%
    • Northumberland 7%
    • Outside North East 2%
  2. Companies by size

    Companies by size

    • 1–49 employees 7%
    • 50–99 employees 3%
    • 100–499 employees %
    • 500–999 employees 2%
    • 1000+ employees 9%
  3. Readership by sector

    Readership by sector

    • Professional Services 42.%
    • Commercial Creative 17.4%
    • Public Sector 14.3%
    • Voluntary and Community 8.6%
    • Education 7.6%
    • Manufacturing 4.7%
    • Retail and Leisure 1.9%
    • Health and Social Care 1.9%
    • Food and Drink 0.9%
    • Energy 0.9%

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Protecting your ideas

Ahead of Design Means Business 2-day conference in a couple of weeks, Design Network North wants to know how Intellectual property has impacted on your business.

Bob Elliott of leading North East law firm Crutes will run the website design workshop on the second day of the prestigious event, which takes place on March 15 and 16 at Sage Gateshead. He will be investigating the rights of individuals or companies regarding website content, legal action to prevent others using material without consent and ownership, when an external website developer or designer is involved. Bob said: “A website is an asset that businesses and individuals are entitled to protect against theft. This workshop will show businesses how to look after this asset and prevent unscrupulous competitors from stealing ideas.”

Here at bdaily, we want to find out how big an issue intellectual property is for our readers. Can you choose of the three areas that has directly effected your business the most.