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Date 15 Oct 2007

If you’re interested in advertising, sponsorship, or other promotion opportunities on the bdaily digital news network, you can download our PDF media pack for costs and further information. If there’s anything else you want to know, just email us at advertising, or call 0191 261 1333.

Download the bdaily media pack (1.3Mb)

Advertising with means you’re associating yourself with one of the North East’s premier business news providers. We can give you access to thousands of business people across the region. Our online media pack has all the information you need to advertise with us, we hope you find it useful.

If you want to know more about why is one of the best opportunities for your advertising needs, just read on.

What is bdaily?

The bdaily business news network is the quickest and most effective way to keep up with the very latest in business, enterprise, culture and technology in the North East of England. Our readers go through 15,000 pages of news and information a month. These readers are particularly loyal – returning day after day to become part of the bdaily community. To these readers, and the daily bulletin are a service they've come to rely on over the years. To advertisers, bdaily is a ready-made audience just waiting for your message. provides businesses in the North East with content relevant to them – our categories focus on the nine key sectors detailed in the Regional Economic Strategy, which means we are all playing our part in growing our local economy. Additional categories contain news for small businesses, legal issues, and international developments.

The bdaily bulletin has over 8,500 subscribers who receive their news from us every day. Although our readers are mostly based in the North East of England, bdaily has a global reach – our stories are regularly pulled out by both Google News and Yahoo News, and we are featured on international news sites such as the BBC.

Why should I advertise on the bdaily business news network?

The bdaily uses the latest techniques and technologies to deliver the best in communications for individuals, companies and the wider business community. Our content is focused on business, covering the latest news stories, events, jobs, property as well as offering a more sustainable stream of content in the form of information, advice and guidance. Being part of this offers you a chance to promote your organisation, its products and services in a unique way.

Perhaps you represent corporate clients who seek a massive, engaged audience of business people. Maybe you’re a small business owner anxious to get your message across to thousands of potential customers. Or maybe you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur with hopes to steer’s readership to your work.

Whatever your goal, and whatever size campaign you’d like to run, bdaily has structured a package to fit your needs. Advertising on our network puts you in front of a dedicated audience of North East business people. Our readers are informed, educated, and keen to keep up-to-date with the comings and goings of the North East business community.

Advertisers will receive a monthly information pack with statistics on the performance of, readership figures for the bdaily bulletin, and analysis of the most popular areas of the bdaily network. This ensures you get the most exposure for your event, job, company or campaign – and value for money.

What ad space is available?

The bdaily business news network offers prime, prominent ad page real estate to let your message really shine. Our various banner sizes can be broadcast across our entire ad network, including the news site, the bulletin, and our regional events calendar. It’s an opportunity for maximum exposure and effective results that you can measure. The ad sizes sampled here are by no means exhaustive, and if you have a particular size you wish to use, just let us know!

We have more than just banner ad space, however. You can advertise events and job vacancies in our calendar and on the bulletin, and we will soon be opening a commercial property section for North East businesses. We can work with you to create advertising features on both the bulletin and, and you can even get your own bdaily microsite, which can house whatever information and news about your company you like.

Will bdaily help me design my ad?

The bdaily offers custom-created banner ads for all our advertisers, using the bgroup’s in-house team of designers. Just let us know you’re interested in the service, and we’ll do the rest. Give Simon a call on 0191 2611333 to book a job into the studio.

Does bdaily review ads before they are used?

Yes, for the simple reason that the bdaily seeks results for your ad. By pairing our loyal readers with quality ads, we help ensure that your money is well spent, and that your campaign achieves your goals. To make sure that your ad meets our high standards, and will get you the results you’re looking for, we go the extra step and review every ad we receive.

The bdaily reserves the right to refuse displaying any given ad on our network. If this is the case we’ll let you know, and you’ll have the option of providing an alternative banner or receiving a full refund for your purchase.

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