Sunday 4 April 2004

bdaily: 100 Not Out!

Today's bdaily marks the 100th edition in its current guise. So, to commemorate this quirky event, we decided to go out and find out what a cross section of our readers from all over the region thought about the bdaily and the role that it plays. Here is what some of you guys had to say:

"I really like the digestible format and the diverse spread of stories. It also arrives at a good time of day when anybody can take 2 minutes to breeze through it. The emphasis on social events is also interesting as it keeps me informed." - Cait Read, NGI

"I first started reading the bdaily when I heard about it through Si and Di when it was an E-zine. I find I'm able to keep up with everything significant to me in the region just through the bdaily. It also really helps in publicising events and is a great way to develop a wide range of contacts." - Lisa Vickers, University of Duhram Business School

"When I moved career from graduate recruitment to the Environmental Sector earlier this year, I was keen to find "up to the minute" news items on environmental issues. bdaily allows me to do this and it's quick to find what I want. I am able to forward articles or sections on specific topics to colleagues around the UK. I think what bdaily provides is a very helpful tool in disseminating information." - Claire Coffield, Project Manager for the UK Environmental Industries Forum

"I've been reading the bdaily for a year and really like the 'dip-in, dip-out' format. The content has evolved and I like the focus on enterprise. It is looking the best it ever has and I find it very useful." - Andy Walton, One North East

"I was not fully aware how much went on in the North East until I started reading the bdaily. I enjoy the accessible writing, the regional focus and think it's fantastic for keeping in touch." - Gabriel Harrison, Durham Graduate

"I have basically been reading the bdaily since its conception. I can easily pick out what is relevant and often forward it on to friends and even my kids. The technology articles are often relevant and when the Digital Media Network has news or events that are of particular interest, we are only too happy to submit them." - Gilbert Cockton, Digital Media Network

"I think the bdaily is a great concept, it arrives at the office at a convenient time of day and is a good source of local information." - Anthony Brown, Eversheds

"Since I started working on the bdaily, I have found it a great way to stay on the cutting edge of what those in the know, need to know. Above all, the bdaily is about fun, it's easy-going, accessible and a great quirky twist to life at the 'b'! - Rowan Brown, Editor, bdaily

Thanks to all those who submitted quotes. The bdaily has taken many forms and yet, throughout all of them it has always remained direct and very different!

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